The Rotary Club of Marietta has been busy cooking for the local community. In August, they teamed up with the Interact students from The Walker School to serve supper at the Extension, featuring David Strother’s tortilla soup. Sheldon Michaels was in charge of procurement, while Interactors Stephanie and Jaemin set tables and acted as sous chefs alongside Rotarian Beth Pence and husband Lee. This is a monthly Rotary-Interact event.

In September, Master Chef Dawn McEachern had Rotary chefs Bill Brumby, Judd Smith and Fred Saavedra fully engaged in preparing eight large serving trays of Shepherd’s Pie for Rotary’s lunch at MUST Ministries. Meanwhile, diners were lining up outside when servers Linda Rodriguez, Randy Rice, Doug Haynie, Jim Trapnell and Dale Covington arrived. Over 30 of the 125 diners returned for seconds. Shepherd’s Pie made Rotary’s meal a hit!