Sharp Remote Device Manager

Sharp Remote Device Manager

Sharp Remote Device Manager (SRDM) facilitates centralized management of Sharp MFPs and printers as well as 3rd party SNMP-compliant printers and MFPs. Sharp's SRDM is the ideal tool for both IT Administrators and Service Providers to properly manage and monitor their MFP fleets.

Sharp's SRDM brings to service providers a cost-effective way to remotely monitor a customer's devices to increase printer and MFP uptime, decrease loss of productivity, and improve customer satisfaction. Features such as remote firmware upgrades, device setting "cloning", e-mail alerts, remote service, and system and usage logs will prove invaluable.

  • Manual or automated device discovery
  • Remote status and consumables monitoring
  • Remote security, network, and system configuration
  • On-demand and scheduled power management to minimize energy consumption
  • Network security policy management to implement effective security measures

Brand : Sharp

Category : Software Solutions